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Study schedules

Date : 17 May 2024

Study schedules for the second semester of the academic year 2023/2024


Date : 15 Apr 2024

Congratulations from faculty Dean on occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, may Allah bring blessings back to us and you

Beni Suef University rankings

Date : 29 Mar 2024

Beni Suef University rankings

Joint workshops between the College of Applied Arts and the College of Special Needs Science

Date : 28 Mar 2024

Joint workshops between the College of Applied Arts and the College of Special Needs Science

About Faculty

The strategic plan of the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Beni Suef, is characterized by a set of objectives that cover quality standards and accreditation in the academic fields, administrative structure, and the effectiveness of financial expenditure through : 

1. Developing the infrastructure and providing educational and learning opportunities to achieve quality and accreditation .

2. Development and continuous evaluation of educational programs and postgraduate programs in the faculty to keep pace with the scientific development in various disciplines to meet the needs of the labor market from a distinguished graduate capable of competition .

3. Providing an integrated system of scientific research that helps the economic development of society

4. Developing human resources in a way that stimulates the abilities of the faculty members and the administrative staff to reach the highest levels of efficiency .

5. To promote and develop community participation and environmental service, which contributes in supporting and achieving the vision, mission and strategic objectives of the college .

6. Developing the faculty's own resources to support the educational and research process .

7. Providing advanced teaching aids for the permanent promotion of the graduate level and to be capable of permanent competition in the labor market .


8. Supporting the activation of cooperation agreements in the fields of scientific research, student exchange and practical training in all fields of specialization .

9. Developing the capacity of teaching members and administrators and stimulating local and regional competitiveness .

10. Developing research and advisory services and establishing advanced research bases capable of tracking the rapid development in different fields of specializations.

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